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 Common Counter 

 Bar and Restaurant 

A relaxed, comfortable setting with a great range of beers, wines, coffees, and cocktails. Whether you're meeting mates or going on dates, Common Counter is the place for you.


Common Counter is more than just another queer-friendly East London bar. Sure, we've got all the amenities you would expect – but we've also got a friendly, creative, and talented staff who are constantly refining and developing an exciting drinks menu. We've got beers, lagers, and wines from small independent producers all over the country. We've got our own stage, with an awesome roster of drag, cabaret, stand-up, and live music. And beyond all of that, there's still something special about us. After all, where else are you going to get a cocktail inspired by the herby notes of Ancient Roman wine, or a Jamaican vodou goddess?

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Expert cocktails, mocktails, beer, lager, wine, and coffee.


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DJs, divas, and drag; something's always happening.

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